Nameless Characters

If you follow me on Instagram, you might know about my habit of posting illustrations and paintings of certain characters that find their way into my posts time and time again. Most of these characters are without names, each of which display to my followers a small insight to their story and origin.

Each character open to interpretation and judgement is posted with a caption that describes his/her story in vague detail.

img_20160817_150227.jpgI have girls with Horns, girls that defy normal rules of societal expectations, people that rebel, people that break and people that tell a story in one small way.


some of them return, while others have just one purpose to fulfill and one thought to portray.




Like a nameless Vagabond


I drifted through this land before my tongue tasted the mellow sound of my native language,

I drifted through the city of my birth, never knowing once what the people sounded like,

I drifted through the well fed soil of Punjab, felt the dark earth between my feet and never once understood where it was that I belonged,

I drifted through the land of palm trees and beautifully golden Sindh, felt the sea breeze rattle my bones but never once did I understand where it was that I belonged,

I drifted to the northern edges of my motherland, caressed the snow that rested atop white glazed mountains, I ran down hilltops, screamed my name across valleys but never once did I understand where it was that I belonged,

I drifted to the rugged land of rough men and rigid rules, I looked up at the giant Balochi mountains that surrounded my existence on all four sides, I lay beneath the mud from a thunderous rain, watched the milky way dance above me but never once did I understand where it was that I belonged

I drifted through cities, villages, abandoned places, isolated landscapes and broken houses,

I drifted amidst people, brown, white, yellow and black but never once did any of them give me the answers that I craved,

I drifted and now I am a nameless vagabond that belongs everywhere and nowhere.
~ Mahrukh Imam


A trip to the Port grand Food street

by the prettyport (1)Very recently we decided to visit a food street that we had heard a lot about. The reason for this specific food street to be so famous among the people of Karachi is that it’s located along the waterfront of the Native Jetty bridge and the view of this place is absolutely breathtaking.

look upinto the stars.

Why you need to visit this place;

  1. There is a lot of variety of food to choose from.
  2. The scenic beauty is absolutely stunning at night.
  3. The atmosphere is friendly for both families and friends.
  4. Various forms of entertainment, such as: fortune telling, pottery, sketch artists and concerts…etc
  5. Souvenir stalls are a must visit.
  6. There are rides for kids and families.
  7. Live music!
  8. Stunning art gallery.

The bad side;

  1. You might get lost while travelling there, we did too. Our GPS kept taking us to the port instead of the food in the outback
    life in the outback (1)
    Live music
    life in the outback (2).jpg
    life in the outback (3).jpg


    My experience there was absolutely amazing, the food, the music and the lighting was simply spell-binding. It’s a must place to visit and a must place to take your loved ones to. 

    life in the outback (4)
    stunning art gallery

    It’s one of the most magical places you will ever get the chance to visit.


Through the window of my car

My life has always been about moving from place to place which is why I always got a chance to know Pakistan a little more than my peers who lived only in one city. Pakistan as a country is like a palette splattered with all shades of color, you simply cannot confine it within a meaning of a single word. You need to see it for yourself to really know it.

Karachi the largest of the cities is a city of many things and many different kinds of people. Knowing every nook and corner of this city is nearly impossible because it has so much to offer and so much to surprise you with.


The roads of Karachi have just as much variety as the cultures that breath in this land. You’ll find buses spilling with people, bright Rickshaws that come in two or more sizes, cars, speeding fearless motorcyclists and many many bustling pedestrians. There are also a lot of bridges around her- many of which might confuse you if you don’t already live here.

Once we went over a same bridge twice because we misunderstood where the roads were leading.


There is also an abundance of tall buildings, many of which are housing apartments.IMG_20160605_000458

Just a drive through Karachi can be pretty entertaining if you are observant enough.



The Color Blue

Most of the artwork I post on Instagram nowadays features the color blue. ‘Why blue?’some of you might think, why not all of the colors that are at my disposal? Why should I as an artist pick the color blue?

The answer to my choice of color would be because, blue represents so much to me, it is a color which draws attention yet dulls it also. It is a color of depth and mystery and according to color psychology it is also a color that represents trust.

Colors to me also represent emotions and feelings, it is often feelings that choose the color in my art rather than the other way around. Colors are instruments of expression and if displayed intelligently are capable of influencing your audience in significant ways. No matter what color you pick, if you carry it wisely you might touch many a heart out there.

Early Morning at Karachi’s Clifton

Karachi, the largest metropolitan city of Pakistan is known as ‘The city of lights’ for a variety of reasons, the strongest of which would be perhaps; that this city never sleeps and you can always find what you need at any supposed hour. To me however, this city cannot be fully defined; for it is a city full of interesting things.

It is the city with it’s own beach, the city with diverse communities that have contrasting cultures, it is a city of tolerance and unpredictability and last of all it is the city of glimmering lights and fast cars. To travel in such a place takes great patience for it is a city larger than the rest the country has to offer.

For me and my family it is a current destination and since we have an adventurous streak within us we went on a little adventure. Now adventure is a word which holds a different meaning for each individual and for us and me specifically it means, going out there, no matter what ‘out there’ is; it’s practically an adventure if you have a heart to think of it as such.

I took this photo on Clifton beach, Karachi, in Pakistan.

Sunrise in Karachi, Clifton.

It was an idea my father proposed late at night, whilst driving on the road that led homeward. mine2

Sand like glitter

Let’s have a little adventure” he said and then he took us to the beach right after Fajr(Dawn) where we waddled in glittering sand and felt the waves between our feet. But when our hearts were full of the sea, he drove us through the older parts of Karachi, where the architecture was of old English buildings, the paint weary and muted but the beauty was unmistakable. There were circular balconies, ornamented doors, eccentric windows; none too familiar. It was an adventure I’d rather have everyday.See my photo diaries on instagram

The beach that is usually littered and repulsive, seemed in these early hours of the morning quite serene and tranquil. Perhaps it was the lack of people or the breaking of dawn that intrigued me endlessly, though whichever it was; it was beautiful.

For those of you with an appetite like us, I’d recommend you take yourself, your friends or your family on an early morning drive in order to see the magic of the morning that is unique only to that hour.

What Art means to me

heavensArt for me is a form of expression and also a platform to release suppressed emotions. It is the one thing that can help me view my situation physically and without being judged upon it. Art shows me when words fail the idea of me, it gives me the power that I would not normally have.

Letting colors bleed on paper is also liberating in a way and I am of the firm belief that art skills can be developed if one is passionate enough. So if you’re having second thoughts on picking that paintbrush up, stop thinking and just do it. Art isn’t supposed to be perfect, art defies rules because most of the time they are non existent to begin with.

Most of the times, the only explanation I give to my viewers about the meaning of my art is a line or a sentence. For this one I always give ” Reaching out to the heavens through the beating of my heart, you always get an answer, you always do”

~ Mahrukh Imam